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Creating cutting edge yoga programs, books, and music.


Inner Domain Media changed the Yoga DVD culture when it co-produced the highly successful “The Ultimate Yogi” program along with other popular titles “Yoga Foundations,” “Short and Sweet,” and “Yoga Cross-Training.”


After making a big splash in the DVD format Inner Domain Media went on to produce the soulful chant album, “The Meaning of Soul,” which rocketed to the #3 spot on the Itunes World Music charts.


Always seeking to create cutting edge media, Inner Domain Media next produce the cinematic yoga book, “Holistic Yoga Flow:The Path of Practice.”


Recently, Inner Domain Media, released the all digital program “Yoga 30 for 30,” which quickly spread to all 50 states and 40+ countries worldwide.

Currently, Inner Domain Media is working on exciting new content to inspire and awaken.

Dare to illuminate your life